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” Very newbie friendly…I recommend! 

Jaron A

I was surprised to learn patterns that I’ve never discovered before. 

Kent L

Unique and outside of the box.

Ramone M

” The beginner course is very detailed and specific. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.

Kelly H

” If you’re tired of the cliche strategies that don’t work, then you will like the Smart Money videos.

Jason A

” I like the Fool’s Gold strategy…it’s very logical and shows market emotions. 

Wendell J

” Definitely the Black Sheep of strategies. The training gave me a new outlook on the markets.

Oscar C

” Probably the best Nadex strategies you’ll come across

James B

I have been trading Nadex using the 3 Point Reversal strategy and have been able to turn a $350 deposit into $1,200 within 4 days. Very pleased! 

Jaylen M

” I tried other memberships like Apex Investing, but the information is too complicated and difficult to comprehend. They also make you pay monthly just to use their indicators! The Smart Money training was a breath of fresh air.

Dylan C

Get it while it’s still affordable… 

Brent A

Brandon is a really laid-back guy. I like his honesty and directness. He has helped me as a brand new trader to avoid a lot of mistakes I would have made had it not been for him. He even gave me a free one on one trading session until I got the hang of things.   

Vernon S

” I was immediately drawn to Brandon after watching his videos on YouTube. He seems like the only legit trader on the internet. I learned some really cool strategies from the Smart Money course and would recommend to anyone looking for some simple winning strategies. 

Calvin C

” Pretty cool information.

Ethan L


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